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Rehab buggy for children

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Model: Grizzly

The special Grizzly rehab buggy is designed for children for whom it is difficult to move or even impossible due to their motor dysfunction or disease entity. The rehab buggy is designed for children at a height of 85-140cm & a weight of 45kg. It is equipped with a comprehensive stabilization system at the level of the head, chest & hips – a system of pads adjustable both in height, width, depth, & at an angle. The width & depth of the seat & the height of the backrest are also adjustable, thanks to which the buggy grows with the child – RZT system. the rehab buggy has the ability to change the position of the seat in relation to the direction of travel – forward or backward to the driver. As a standard, it is equipped with the so-called Cradle – the possibility of changing the angle of the seat & the backrest. Manoeuvring & movement on curbs is facilitated by the foot-release tilt pedal.

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