Staxi Airport Chair

Heavy-duty pushchair



Model: Airport Chair

Staxi redefines the design of safe & secure passenger transportation. The stackable, Staxi Airport chair features the revolutionary “fail-safe braking system” – Staxi will only move when the brake is engaged! Designed from conception to be safe & secure! The patient can easily enter from the side & once on the chair the occupant assumes a safe & comfortable position. The height of the back of the chair is also designed to afford the attendant a comfortable position to engage the chair without stooping, thus reducing stress & back pain. The Staxi chair’s weight ratio is 2 times the weight on the rear wheels to 1 on the front casters, this weight distribution makes Staxi much more manoeuvrable & requiring a lot less effort to push. The Staxi Airport chair – Efficient, dignified passenger transportation from curb to gate.

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